Open Box Buy Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign, Aims to Become “The People’s Company”

Open Box Buy has launched a new crowdfunding campaign, allowing investors to have a stake in this already-thriving retail concept.

Open Box Buy, a retail company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign; after over 10 years of experience, the company is now looking to attract investors to better capture the market potential and allow for exponential growth. The first-ever deep-discount retail store to specialize in name brand and open box consumer electronics—as well as toys, video games, housewares, and even small furnishings—Open Box Buy has already found immense success in the Vegas area. With the capital raised from its new crowdfunding campaign, the company plans to open new retail locations across the country—and to remain answerable only to its shareholders and investors.

“The reason we chose to launch a crowdfunding campaign is because we want to go straight to the people,” comments Rich Marino, founder of Open Box Buy. “Indeed, our goal is to be known as ‘the people’s company’—meaning we will be solely owned by individuals who truly believe in our concept.”

That concept has already been well-tested over the past 10 years and found immense success. By offering big-name products at sharply discounted rates, Open Buy Box has flourished even in an era where many brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled. Consumer demand has driven the company’s success, as well as the goal of opening more stores.

“The discount retail industry has actually seen crazy growth over the past few years, and Open Box Buy has been at the forefront,” Marino says. “People want big box stores where they can shop and buy good products at affordable prices—and that’s basically what we offer. Now, we want to take that concept further, and ultimately to open hundreds of stores across the country.”

Investors who want to have a stake in this company, and to buy into this already-proven concept, are invited to view Open Box Buy’s new crowdsourcing campaign, where they will have the opportunity to become early-stage investors in “the people’s company.”

“There is tremendous potential in the discount retail industry—and our stores fill a void, simply due to our particular product mix,” Marino says.

“Ours are the only stores of their kind to offer big-name consumer electronics at steeply discounted rates—and that’s something consumers want!”

Additional information about the Open Box Buy crowdfunding campaign can be found online.


Open Box Buy is a deep-discount retail store that specializes in name brand and open box consumer electronics, as well as large and small appliances, video games; housewares; toys; sporting goods; tools; BBQ equipment; and outdoor, patio, and small furnishings. The company’s first retail store is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, with more store openings planned throughout the nation. Additional information is available online at